Highlights Of The Symposium

  • Lectures and discussions with International Faculty who are experts in their fields.
  • Galaxy of National Anesthesiology Faculty with wide expertise.
  • Participation by renowned Endocrinology and Surgical Faculty of AIIMS.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all endocrine disorders:

      Pancreas (Diabetes mellitus, insulinoma).
      Adrenal cortex.
      Adrenal medulla-pheochromocytoma.
      Endocrine emergencies.
  • Panel discussion by National and International Multi- specialty Faculty on endocrine problems in pregnancy.
  • Poster competition for all participants with prizes.

      Poster size should be 90cm x 120 cm.
      Can include any interesting/challenging Endocrine case.
      Soft copy of the abstract(unstructured) not exceeding 300words , should latest by 7th November.
      Registration is mandatory for participation.

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